Kings Custom Cabinetry uses state of the art software from Cabinet Vision™ combined with over a decade of experience hand-building cabinets to produce custom, efficient and consistent results. We also compliment all of our designs by using building materials from a handful of the industry's best suppliers.

samplesEach project is masterfully laid out into the CAD program by an experienced technician resulting in a highly material efficient design and exact material estimates. This software can also render the room or project in 3D from every possible angle so you'll be confident you're getting the best layout for your needs. If you have the Adobe Acrobat viewer installed, Click here to view a sample set of plans.

Because Kings Custom Cabinetry is privately owned, we are not subject to the rigid and arbitrary restrictions imposed on the franchised shops. We can sit down for as long as it takes to design the perfect cabinetry, built-ins, or furniture for your needs.

Customers can choose from an almost endless variety of styles, designs, and materials. We offer every imaginable design from the latest in sleek, contemporary to traditional European styling. For your custom needs, we can design doors and drawers based on your exact specifications.... just let you imagination soar!

We offer cabinetry built upon these three classic styles:
Face Frame- Doors and drawers rest outside of the visible cabinet framing.
Frameless / European- Drawers and door fronts cover all of the framing.
Flush Inset- Drawers and doors seamlessly integrated with the framework leaving a flat or 'flush' finish.

These three styles are customized by molding with fluted styles, carved corbels, and rope accents. The molding we use is from Enkeboll Designs. Enkeboll is regarded as the best in the industry for this material. We also provide an endless supply of cabinet doors and drawer front choices fromCal Door. On the inside of your cabinet MacMurray Pacific supplies us with hinges and internal hardware as well as interior storage products from Rev-a-Shelf.

Our products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship. Our fine cabinetry is manufactured using many pieces of solid wood. Variation in grain pattern and color are normal and can be expected in all cabinets made of natural wood. Wood species in all finishes will exhibit color changes when exposed to assorted types of light as a result of the normal aging process of wood. A wide range of minerals found in the solid that the trees grow in causes color variations in wood, and the absorption of these minerals will differ by species. Additionally, every wood species exhibits other characteristics including: knots, pinholes, sap runs, and darkening with age. It is the beauty and personality of wood to have the distinct attributes, as we as natural variations in grain texture and color which will be present throughout your cabinetry.