“The inconvenience of poor quality lingers long after the thrill of a bargain”

Built from the ground up

Each project is masterfully laid out into a CAD program by an experienced technician resulting in a highly material efficient design and exact material estimates. This software can also render the room or project in 3D from every possible angle so you’ll be confident you’re getting the best layout for your needs.


Kings Custom Cabinetry is dedicated to giving you exactly what you want. We give you a wide choice of cabinet styles, types and materials so you can choose a system that exactly matches your decorating style. Unlike other manufacturers, we let you select cabinet heights, widths and depths. This means that together, we can create cabinets and cabinet systems for any room in the house, or all rooms in the house, to create form and function and to maintain a constant style and finish.


Because Kings Custom Cabinetry is privately owned, we are not subject to the rigid and arbitrary restrictions imposed on the franchised shops. We can sit down for as long as it takes to design the perfect cabinetry, built-ins, or furniture for your needs.
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